Yet the film is unique enough to stand on its own… if you’re a fan of the far-fetched genre, that is

Bettina Strauss/Netflix

The holidays are maddening. A festive season of parties and frenetic online shopping, set to an endless loop of holiday music. But even atop this Yuletide plateau, you still have to manage your everyday life, and you still have to navigate everyday people.

The holidays are a time when love…

I’ll continue supporting far-fetched productions about interesting characters navigating the big city, but it’s time to cast myself in that role.

Photograph by HBO Max

Since moving back home in late July, I’ve gotten the same questions… What are your plans? What are you going to do?

These aren’t easy questions to answer. I, after all, spent seven years in California fending off the “when are you moving back home” questions, only to move home…

I visited my family in Colorado for the first time in 16 months.

Photo by Ken Yam on Unsplash

I love writing about movies and TV shows. I enjoy making statements through the characters… as the creators of the shows make statements through the characters. It allows me to unpack my thoughts, feelings, opinions, grievances, and angst — without writing a full-blown personal essay (which I also enjoy). …

Trevor Lowry

Just a guy who likes to cruise the aisles at 7-Eleven | |

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